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Renovation project - panic is setting in - Wednesday 17th October 2012

Renovation project - panic is setting in - Wednesday 17th October

It’s Wednesday and we leave tomorrow, panic is starting to set in, we have so much to do. It didn’t help that we received a telephone call from Brittany Ferries confirming our booking; apparently I had booked the date we wanted in 2013 and not 2012. We were so relieved that they had picked up on this and rang to check, otherwise we would’ve been sat at Roscoff all packed with nowhere to go. We cannot get the same ferry, we had been planning to travel overnight, so we now have a ferry booked for Thursday afternoon, this will mean we get in to Plymouth at approx 9.30pm.

We have a chat and decide to make the most of it; we are booking a hotel in Plymouth and then travelling north to spend Friday night with friends in Stafford before heading to Manchester. The Hotel is all booked (TRIVAGO is a wonderful site!).

I don’t know how many times we double checked the dates before pressing book, I am wondering if old age is starting to set in a little bit too soon!

The rest of Tuesday and Wednesday are spent further securing the house and getting lost in mixed emotions.
It feels really strange as both John and I can’t wait to get back to England and see our daughters and friends and family, but then the next moment it feels so hard as we will be leaving our new life and the house in the middle of the renovations. It’s almost like when we first moved to France and it was supposed to be the most exciting time of our lives signing up for the new house and I sat crying at a cafe. Human emotions are very strange things and even at 40 something, I don’t think I will ever understand how I am supposed to feel.
We don’t go to bed until silly O Clock as we are trying to make sure everything is done before tomorrow, not a good idea considering how far we will be travelling.

Top Tips 
1.       Be prepared for strange emotions, they may take you by surprise
2.       Always double check your ferry bookings!
3.       You can probably stop checking once you’ve done it ten times!

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