Sunday, 21 October 2012

Renovation project - new chairs, yesterdays pizza and a lost phone! Sunday 14th October 2012

Renovation project - new chairs, yesterdays pizza and a lost phone! Sunday 14th October    
There is a car boot sale on near our house this morning so we decide to go and have a look, and it is safe to say car boots are the same, lots of tat on tables, but we do come away with some gems, I even manage to barter in French! We buy a lovely new kettle, some English books ( we have a 5 hour ferry journey, so I am really pleased) and a set of 6 antique dining chairs, these turn out to be the sellers grandmothers so we ask if there is any other furniture for sale and swap phone numbers.

Back at the house the chairs look fantastic at the table, and they are too solid for John to break (I forgot to mention that John managed to break yet another plastic chair last night!). Dave and Jane call by and I can finally offer them a drink and a seat, it’s one of my proudest moments.

They have called by to say goodbye and wish us a safe journey, but also to ask if we would like them to look after the house whilst we are in England. This is so nice and we know that we do not have to worry whilst we are away, there are so many people willing to look after it, last week another person called to ask the same thing, so we know that there will be 4 different people calling by each day and one couple with the keys, life here is so much easier than in England.

Later that afternoon our land line phone rings, it’s quite exciting so I answer with my best bonjour and listen to blurb, I ask them to speak slowly and explain that I don’t understand, they repeat and the only word I understand is poisson which is translated to fish, I have no idea what the conversation is about or who it is, they give up and put the phone down without any au revoir!

We have not eaten much today, well I haven’t actually eaten at all, so we decide to go out to le Crepuscule for dinner, I really fancy a goodbye pizza. We arrive at approx 7.30 and have to wait for a table, we have a carafe of wine and settle down on the couch, there is a group of people at the bar, who also happen to be English, we start to chat and get on really well, so well that we don’t realise we have had another carafe of wine and we still haven’t eaten, by the time we have a table, we are in no fit state to eat, so ask for the pizza’s to take away. Part way through a conversation I realise I feel dreadful and all I want is to go home and go to bed, so john takes me home and goes back to the bar.

We wake during the night and when I check the time on my mobile phone to realise it is not there, I ask John where he put it and he said he did not have it, I had put it in his pocket for safe keeping, but obviously not that safe, as it wasn’t there. I can’t believe I have lost my phone, I am so gutted, I am also still so hungry as we didn’t bring the pizza’s home with us either, and to top it off it turns out we hadn’t paid when we left the bar!

Monday morning arrives; well it’s actually Monday lunch when we surface with a major hangover in place of a mobile phone. I’m so gutted the phone has been indestructible, it has been run over by a car, swam in a pool in Italy, been dropped on the floor in most of the major cities in Europe and taken photo’s of all the best bands and groups for the last 3 years, but now it is no more. We do very little all day.
We do manage to have a nice fry up so at least we are not starving any more, that evening we decide to go and have our final pizza (and to check if my phone has been handed in and to pay for our bill) we arrive and the phone is not there but our pizza’s are still in the fridge, so we pay up and take the pizza’s home where we sit and watch a film and eat them!

We now have no photographs of our new chairs, these will be on as soon as we have a new phone


  1. Silly question - have you tried ringing your phone?

  2. Yes I did, but it went to answer phone :(