Friday, 5 October 2012

Renovation project - new doors and seafood risotto - Thursday 27th September 2012

Renovation project - new doors and seafood risotto - Thursday 27th September

Today the day will be spent mostly hanging doors in the new attic bedroom. One of the old doors is boarded up so we have only one door into the bedroom, the new bathroom door is fitted properly and the new bedroom door is hung. We have decided to keep the old door frame as this is an integral part of the wall and goes up to the ceiling, to remove it would mean rebuilding the entire wall.

John has the fun of planing the door to fit the hole which he does very well, the only problem is that the door is a bit wider than the original, again there is a simple solution, John will fit some architrave so that it will not be noticeable.

I do some more stripping and after spending quite some time at it, find out that we had decided to take this particular wall down and rebuild it! I’m gutted as it was a horrible job.

So I move on to the stairs and strip these. A quick clean up and we go to the shops to get some more supplies, decide to text Calvin and Liz to tell them to be careful as the stairs will be slippy to find out that we do not have their number, so spend the next 2 hours worrying that they will have an accident in the house!
Luckily we all arrive back at the same time so disaster averted!

We are having the sea food risotto for dinner and it was amazing, Calvin and John didn’t think so the following day as both felt a little bit off, I’m impressed I have gone a whole 8 weeks without poisoning anybody with my cooking, that is definitely some sort of record for me!

Feel very sorry for Calvin who now has to drive to Dieppe though! We spent the rest of Friday having the day off and catching up on the blog.

I have decided to revert back to the original format as the number of views on the new format had dropped form an average of 250 a day to 30, not been able to work out why as personally I thought the new lay out was much better, but the figures can’t lie, the views have gone back to over 200 hundred again. I would appreciate anybodies views on this.

Top tips
1.       Remember which walls you plan to remove
2.       Take your mobile phone with you
3.       Beware slippy floors


  1. There is something weird with your blog following - it will NOT tell me when you make a new post. This maybe happening to others as well and affecting your viewing figures. Message to blog help has been ignored.


  2. HI Jenny, ive been leaving messages too and nothing seems tp appear on here.. I am trying again.. I like this format better.. the other way it was hard to view and half of the layout was missing.. and I agree I never get updates.. what did you use for seafood in your risotto? I think you should make your own curtains too.. way cheaper or look for brocante they may have some too.. Ikea has some but expensive too.. I still love your blog.. and your daughter(s) are beautiful.. how old are they?