Saturday, 6 October 2012

Renovation project - peep holes and vampires - Monday 1st October 2012

Renovation project - peep holes and vampires - Monday 1st October    
We also took most of Saturday and Sunday off, though to be honest we missed Sunday completely, John was in bed and slept for the day, think we shouldn’t work quite as hard as we are!

I forgot to mention that even though we have now lived here for 8 weeks, Calvin asked us if the peep hole in the door worked, we had no idea that we had one! But yes it does work! We are keeping the front door and will at some point restore it to its former glory! Apparently the door and hallway were used for the horses many years ago. The horses were led through the front door and out into the stable at the back, we had wondered how the horses got into the stable as there are steps and a slope to the back entrance, I’m assuming the opening in the door was to help with the smell!

The day is spent in the attic john is finishing off the plastering and we are starting to get ready to paint, it will still be a few days yet as the plastering is taking a lot longer than we planned. The boarding of the old doorway is finished and plastered so it is as though it was never there.

The easy job of fitting the architrave turns out to be not so simple as the wall that John built is a little bit thicker than the French walls, so again he has to be inventive on how to hide this, the alternative is to rebuild the entire wall!

The sink unit is off the wall again, so that we can plaster behind it, I’m beginning to wonder if this sink unit is more a yo yo as it has been on and off so many times.

We also move into the bedroom that my brother and sister in law stayed in, I go to bed before John and whilst lying there I can hear something walk across the roof! Then I can hear scratching on the roof, all I can think initially is bugger, what now! It’s definitely not the young man, unless he can morph in spider man, but this is highly unlikely, then I think of the vampire film that I had watched on my own whilst John was in bed yesterday (he couldn’t believe I had watched a horror film knowing my over active imagination!!!) after a while of hiding under the duvet the realisation dawns on me, it is our wild cat friend, come back. He used to get in to the house via the skylight, and he is still obviously really peeved that we close them, so knowing we have no vampires on the roof I can go to sleep.

I have the night from hell, with constant nightmares and not feeling very well, John has the night from hell as he is constantly woken by me screaming and crying out (poor thing said he was quite scared at times).

So wake on Tuesday feeling like I have done 10 rounds with Mike Tyson, think I probably have a bit of a bug as feel quite shaky all day, so John does a bit of work until he realises he can do no more without some more supplies, I agree to go shopping with him, 5 hours later we return and I feel like rubbish. So an early night is in store and hopefully back on form tomorrow!

Whilst shopping we decided to have a look for new curtains, an easy task you may think, but no, the shops we look at only sell one curtain and not pairs so will be ridiculously expensive to put curtains up, the sizes are also all wrong, so we think we’ll ask other people where they got theirs from.

Top tips
1.       You will keep finding new things in your house if you keep your eyes open
2.       Do not watch horror movies on your own
3.       Do not make the wild cats homeless they will have their revenge!


  1. I think you need to add seamstress to your list of newly acquired skills & attempt to make some curtains!!

  2. Jenny - sent you an email re curtains

  3. Not made curtains for many years!

    Rynd2it - I haven#t received an e-mail?

  4. It went to

    Basically we have three pairs of full length curtains which you are welcome to - I sent a picture. I'll resend it

  5. Hi Rynd2it I have sent you a direct message on expat forum

    many thanks for your kind offer