Friday, 30 December 2016

Renovation project - Family Christmas

Renovation project - Family Christmas
Well we have just spent a week in the UK, which is why I have been so quiet lately, I had hoped to keep up to date, but I had babies to cuddle, at some point I am going to have to stop saying baby as my ‘baby’ granddaughter is now 4 years old!
We have an absolutely amazing week and manage to visit all of our family, which is no mean feat when it can take an hour and a half to drive just 20 miles, we really do not miss the UK traffic, but what I do miss is having breakfast with my daughter and granddaughter.
I still panic that she will not remember me; I know this is completely unrealistic as I can hear her shouting for me as I knock on their door.
There really is nothing as magical as spending Christmas with small children; the sheer excitement of everything is so magical.
I also get to be there for another first, the first time she used chopsticks in a Thai restaurant.
But all too soon our week comes to an end and it’s time to say goodbye, there is nothing as special as spending Christmas with them, but also nothing so heartbreaking as saying goodbye.
As I pick her up for a last cuddle and she starts to cry and asks us to stay, I think my heart is going to break, but we settle on a compromise, she can come and visit us soon on the aeroplane.
As we leave and spend many hours on the busy motorways heading to Plymouth, I am already starting to plan our next trip. We may live in another country but we have so much quality time with our family it makes up for it, if we still lived in the UK we would not be able to see so much of them with our work commitments.
But it is back to Huelgoat to finish the house and get ready to sell in time for our next adventure, as long as this horrible cold I caught doesn’t last too long!
So if you are thinking of moving to another country but have misgivings weigh up how much quality time you actually spend with your family, it will always be difficult to say goodbye and not be around the corner, but when you do visit it will be far more relaxed and last a lot longer.


  1. Jenny, Your post is reassuring at just the right time as we plan our upcoming move and I'm feeling a little sentimental about all of the belongings we have to release. Hope you'll play along with Dreaming of France. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

    1. Hi Paulita, good luck with the move, it is sentimental when you sort out what you can and can not live with, with us, other than Johns tools and clothes we really only take the memories from our kids