Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Happy (belated) New Year

Happy (belated) New Year

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Happy (belated) New Year
Well it is a very belated happy new year from us, no we hadn’t disappeared on our way back from the UK, instead I managed to catch the dreaded cough and cold on my last day.
Unfortunately it spread into an infection on my chest and sinuses and then just got worse and worse and worse and worse.
I can’t remember having ever felt so poorly. But I have to say the medical care in France is absolutely amazing.
The first visit was antibiotics and a nebuliser that you pick up from the chemist for as long as your prescription states. The following week were blood tests and x-rays, again, these were completed the same day and the results received 48 hours later.
The doctor rang me the same day to let me know my x-ray was clear and he was still waiting for the blood results.
I got the call on Friday evening too say that my bloods were clear.
So we think I damaged a muscle from the coughing, the infection had cleared but now I just had to get rid of the virus.
And here I am, still not 100% but so much better than I was.

And now I am finally getting to see people and wish a happy new year, which does seem a bit strange as it was so long ago, but we really hadn’t moved out of the house.


  1. Best wishes for your complete recovery. Just think how much energy you will have when you are back up to normal speed!