Sunday, 11 December 2016

Renovation project - Light at the end of the tunnel

Renovation project - Light at the end of the tunnel
Today we are moving into the little house, this means we can decorate everywhere without sleeping in the smell.
I have started to give the doors a first coat; it is amazing just how different they look when you first paint them (especially when you only thought they were off white!)
John has also added skirting boards to all of the rooms; these are the same skirting boards that he has made before from packs of floorboards.
In case you were wondering why we make our own skirting boards, here is the answer. The floorboards we buy are very inexpensive (approx 14 Euros a pack) this gives us 5 lengths at 2 metres per length. To buy ready made skirting boards which are very small and flimsy, the cost is approx 5 Euros per length (for the cheapest)
The cost is almost halved, and over a full house this makes a big difference
The entire house is painted over the next few days and it is so nice not to have to sleep in the smell, it really is quite handy having a spare house.
Everywhere is painted white, I know this sounds boring, but it gives the whole house a really fresh look especially as the floors are such a contrast.

Once completed the floors are scrubbed and given a quick sanding and then varnished.

The house is almost finished (the famous last words as we find out in a couple of days!)


  1. it is looking really lovely, you guys have done really well

    1. Thank you, this is actually my favourite house

  2. I'm do pleased that the end is in sight after such hard work.