Thursday, 15 December 2016

Renovation project - Insulation, insulation, insulation

Renovation project - Insulation, insulation, insulation
Everything is dried in the main house and we move back in, the first morning we notice how much condensation there is in the bedrooms, the 2nd morning we notice that the condensation is on the ceiling, this is not good.
Severe condensation is caused by cold spots in the house. John goes into the loft to check the insulation and realises there are gaps between the floor insulation the roof insulation.
He decides to completely redo this. This means removing all of the insulation he attached to the roof beams and cuts it to size to fit in between.

He also adds more insulation under the floorboards and packs insulation into the eaves.
That night the house is like an oven, it is so warm and the following morning there is virtually no condensation.
Big tip if you have a problem with condensation, always check your insulation. It will not cure it completely if you are in a old stone house, but it will make a big difference.

As we said in older posts, all the ceilings have had insulation added before they were decorated.

Insulation is key, you really can't have too much.


  1. We have found this and insulated every where, what a difference it has made

  2. A great blog post! You're so right in saying that you really can't have too much insulation. As well as reducing your risk of condensation, insulation saves you money (around £110 per year), reduces outside noises from disturbing your home and reduces your carbon emissions. It's always handy to give people a heads up that lack of insulation might be the cause for condensation, as some people struggle with condensation for years, without treating the cause. Great job!

  3. Good thing you are problem solvers. I learn so much from your blog and could be in a similar position of renovating a house in France within the next year.
    I'd love it if you'd join in with Dreaming of France. Here’s my Dreaming of France meme

  4. glad this has helped people, insulation is so important and not just for warmth but for noise reduction and condensation