Friday, 23 September 2016

Renovation project - Going to the UK

Renovation project - Going to the UK
We have had a great week with our visitors, after John’s family left; my friends joined us for a couple of days on their way to a holiday in southern France.
But now it is my turn, I am going to the UK for a week to visit my family, I am so excited I can’t wait to see my daughter and baby granddaughter again.
The flight goes quickly and once we land I get a call on the tanoy of the plane asking me to go to a member of ground crew, this is not good, I get off the plane and find a woman, she does not know what the problem is, but I need to ring my daughter. This would not be a problem, but I have no phone, John had managed to lose his yesterday and couldn’t drive home from the airport with no phone, so had mine.
I am ushered straight through customs and taken to a desk with the emergency phone. The poor woman with me is slightly more panicked than I am, it turns out that my daughter had a puncture on the car in the shopping centre and was waiting for a courtesy car, so could I get a taxi to her. Taxi booked and I am on my way. As I arrive I see her, my heart melts, I know it hasn’t been long but I still miss my daughter like crazy, then baby Poppy sees me, I hear her shout as she runs up to me and throws her arms round me, I feel like I am in heaven, not a car park in Derby.

We go for some dinner and relax while we wait for the courtesy car, I am just so glad my mum was with them, it really was a proper family reunion.


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    1. there really isn't Roz, I'm just so glad I get to see them as often as I do x