Friday, 18 March 2016

Renovation project - Health and safety in France

Renovation project - Health and safety in France

John is working on the electrics again today, and he has to get the new wires through the big external wall.

The old wires go through but he cannot see where.

He works out on the kitchen wall where he thinks the should be and there is nothing for it other than to hit the wall with a hammer until he finds the area where the wires are.

I watch him balancing on the ladder and work top and leave him to it, I am painting the last wall in the living room when I suddenly here a bang followed by a clattering followed by cursing, I go to see what John has done, to find him sat on top of the fridge freezer with his hammer and the new kitchen cupboards in disarray.

They had given way beneath him, now this is a big tip for anybody, do not balance on cupboards that are not attached and have a solid wooden worktop perched on them.

It is not safe!

But on a positive note he has found where the electrics come through

We also realise that there are pipes in place so that the new electrics can just be pulled through the wall, this will make life so much easier.

But for now it is a case of emptying the work tops and putting the temporary kitchen back together


  1. oh dear. I hope he did not hurt himself. Electricity is dangerous. We were renovating an artisan cottage. It had been re wired and the front room re plastered, after all the plaster fell off the wall when we took the awful wall paper off. I asked him to put 3 shelves in an alcove for me. Drew lines on the wall where I wanted them to go. I was getting the children ready for bed when there was a massive bang.......I went in the front room, he was sitting on the floor with a bemused expression on his face. He
    had decided to put the bearers for the shelves in a different place to where I had marked, started drilling and hit the main cable going up to the bedrooms.......I never allowed him to use a power drill again. I had to have part of the plaster removed to get at the cable and the cable renewed, expensive lesson for him.

    1. Hi, luckily he knows how to fall, he has been doing this job for so long! that is such a funny story about your husband, thank goodness he was OK, and yes a very good idea to ban the power tools ;)