Thursday, 31 March 2016

Renovation project - draught proofing

Renovation project - draught proofing

We are still quite draughty in the house so John takes a day to go around every window with expanding foam, followed by sealing the reveals with plaster.

There is nothing we can do about the doors though, all of the external doors in the house are different sizes. The front door is wider than most doors available and is not as high (it is also an amazing original old door)

But they are all single glazed John looks at the possibility of installing double glazed glass, but this is not feasible.

Our other option is to screw panels of perspex over the glass panels (look at different shops for this, as we ended up buying from Brico Depot and they were half the price of the first shop!)

The panels are cut to size and screwed into place. When we have less priorities John will add some beading around the edges so the they look more aesthetically pleasing, but for now, we are just happy to have got rid of our last draughts.

As a final measure we add some draught excluders around the doors, we can only get the sticky foam excluders here, but we have visitors from the UK soon who can bring over the small brush excluders.

But for now we are draught free, we have heating, we are warm!


  1. What a fantastic idea, might try that on our upstairs windowa

    1. Thanks Roz, it is a really simple and cost effective way of dealing with single glazing that cannot be changed easily :)