Friday, 25 March 2016

Renovation project - French electrics and more new windows

Renovation project - French electrics and more new windows

We have a friend coming today, he is going to be installing windows at his house and John has said to come along and see how easy they are.

They set about installing the windows in the living room and kitchen and this goes very smoothly.

This means that the property will now be fully warm, we hope.

Andy also helps John with the last bits of electrics, there are a number of double switches, John has always hated these but after looking at the old junction box he hates them even more!

All we can say is thank you Andy and we are so glad we decided to replace the electrics rather than work with what was there.

All the junction boxes were similar and the electrics were not in any easy order to understand.

Now we have very clear leads going from the consumer unit to each room for plug sockets and light switches, and a separate lead for each main appliance in the kitchen.

Its a busy day, but by the end we have fully functioning electrics and windows installed.

Top tips

  • If you have electrics that do not conform, they will need to be brought up to standards
  • The property will need to be earthed properly
  • Sometimes it is easier to start completely from scratch, rather than to try to work with what is already in place
  • If you do not fully understand French electrics, get some help (these will be fully checked if you ever come to sell your property)
  • If the electrics are out of your capabilities consider getting a professional to rewire your property.

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