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Renovation project - French electrics

Renovation project - French electrics

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John has been struggling with the electrics and getting the new consumer unit in place, there are so many wires in the house.

This house was rewired in the 1970's. There was no earth fitted, there are 4 double switches (for the stairs etc) and 3 totally different zones all wired into each other. The problem is trying to remove the old electrics without leaving us with no lights or power.

He has connected some new safe light switches and plug sockets but the job is very big, we have no option but to call in the cavalry.

Never struggle with the electrics as they need to be done correctly and Connecting French electrics are very different to the UK.

It is not a sign of failure asking for help, it is the sensible thing to do. We are lucky that we have friends in France that fully understand the regulations and what is required.

The cavalry arrives in the form of our friend. John and Andy sit down with the instruction manuals and we realise the diagram on the consumer box is so unclear and that is why John had been having problems.

The consumer unit is wired up correctly and fitted to the wall.

The earths are in place and the correct fuses are in place, we are just having a problem connecting the night switch for the water heater, but fingers crossed it is all correct now.

We will find out tonight

If you are struggling at all, always get somebody in, electrics are one of the first jobs you need to do in a renovation project and if you do not get them right, it can and will cause problems later.

There are clear instructions for installing electrics when it comes to plug sockets, lights and kitchen appliances.

On your consumer unit you must have the correct amount of fuses, you will need a separate fuse for each appliance in the Kitchen (e.g. fridge, washing machine etc.) each fuse will also need to be the correct size.

You can have so many plug sockets and lights per fuse.

Again make sure that you do this correctly as when you come to sell your house there will be a diganostique (survey) on your electrics.

Never feel ashamed at asking for help, this is such an important aspect of your project and needs to be completed correctly

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