Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Renovation project - Has the trusty Volvo finally died?

Renovation project - Has the trusty Volvo finally died?

Well we have arrived back and the sun is still shining, everything is still as we let it and that evening we sit and watch one of the many amazing sunsets.

This really is where our hearts will always be, it is just such a shame we cannot find the right property.

But life is too short to worry about what maybe, we realise that France is the option for us, it is now a case of looking at the logistics, but until then we have lots more friends coming to visit.

We have our next visitor in 2 days, so we head off to get some shopping in and as we are driving back we decide to have a spot of lunch in one of our local restaurants, as we pull into the car park, something goes wrong with the car, the clutch will not press!

We are lucky enough to be able to roll into a space and a guy comes over to look at iit with John, they fiddle about with it, and it seems too work again.

As we go to leave, it stops working, this time there is nothing that can be done!

We call our friend, who arrives with a low loader and the car is taken away, This is not good, but luckily Monster Movers is here to rescue us.

We manage to hire a car (which is a very difficult thing to do in August in Spain!) but we find one from a local garage. This is not what we had planned at all and we are so glad that this happened the day after we drove back from France.

We hope John, Andy and the mechanic can fix it, but we think the trusty Volvo may have finally died!!!!!!!

Monster moovers

Volvo dies

Volvo dies Monster moovers

Volvo dies Monster moovers

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