Monday, 30 November 2015

Renovation project - Animal rescue in Spain

Renovation project - Animal rescue in Spain

The car is still off the road, John has decided to fix it himself with the help of our friend and a garage that we can use.

Things have gone wrong as we have had the wrong parts delivered, not realised a specialist tool was required and waiting for Spanish deliveries.

But during this time John has helped to build a horse shelter (I know nothing to do with the car!) but the garage owners (Dolores and Alan) work in cat rescue, which has led them to get to know the dog rescue people who have somehow ended up with a rescue horse!

The poor animal was out in the sun as it would not go into the stable, so between them they built a shelter which is not enclosed.

Every body is really happy with the result especially the poor horse, we do not know what happened to it in its last stable, but it wasn't good.

He now has a field with shelter from the sun, hopefully karma will repay us and let the car get mended!

Sorry for the quality of the photos, but I have had to copy them (I wasn't there)

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