Sunday, 15 November 2015

Renovation project - Back in Spain

Renovation project - Back in Spain

We have a long drive and the last time we drove this way there were major traffic jams heading into Spain so we set off early.

The drive is easy, but the storm clouds are gathering as we approach the mountains.

I see the first big flash of lightning and it is stunning, it cuts through the sky straight down to the top of one of the mountains.

The sky is getting darker and darker then the first splats of rain come down within no time at all you cannot see the road the rain is so heavy the sky so dark other than the flashes of lightning.

There really is nothing like a real storm in the mountains, but they are much better through a hotel window rather than in a car!

The traffic slows and the road is covered in water, the sky is so dark now, we keep going and see the light in front of us, the storm is easing as we pass through it, the rain lightens up and stops as quickly as it started, in the rear view mirror the sky looks black and ominous, but we are through and on our way to Spain.

I see the sign that lets us know we are about to enter Spain, I don't have time to take a photo this time and we do not pass any border control, just a sign saying welcome to Spain.

It makes me think about what is happening in Europe at the moment, with the Calais crisis and the big walls being built to stop people getting into the UK, every border we pass there are either no border control or controls that are no problem to pass though, yet the UK is turning into a fortress I sit back and think about how lucky we are that we are able to move around Europe, but also wonder if we would ever be able to get back into the UK should we choose. But then reality hits, we would never want to go back to live in the UK.

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