Thursday, 5 November 2015

Renovation project - Barcelona (our first stop)

Renovation project - Barcelona (our first stop)

We get up and pack our bags, the hotels are booked (on the way there, nothing planned for on the way home as we don't know what will be happening yet).

We set off at lunchtime, the first stop is just outside of Barcelona.

The drive is an easy one but it does take 6 hours, as we reach Barcelona we see the mountains of Montserrat, this is always an amazing sight, we stopped there a couple of years ago but we are on a mission today and don't have time.

(click here for photos from our last trip)

We find the hotel and John collapses on the bed for a snooze (he has gotten so used to his siestas and hasn't had one today)

We head out after an hour to find somewhere to eat, this is not a place we would recommend to visit (but maybe we missed the nice bit?) we park the car and end up walking down roads trying to keep our bearings for finding the car again. We don't find any where nice to eat and settle for a kebab shop this was amazing, not quite what we had planned but one of the best kebabs we'd had for a long time.

We head back for an early night ready for the next part of the journey. And I realise I am getting excited about going back to France, it is at this point I realise, I think of France as home, I always love going back to the UK because the family are there, but France is such a nicer country.

At least I hope it it is we had lived in Brittany, will the rest of France be as nice?


  1. Can I be curious and ask why France is a nice place to live compared to the UK? I'm in the early stages of contemplating a move there, but keep hearing this 50/50 split on opinions.

    1. Hi Anonymous, thanks for your very difficult question ha ha. There are many reasons why france is better for us, mainly the price of property, the friendliness of the people, the lifestyle, the food, health service, the wine, the lack of crime the list is endless. But there are many people who are not happy and this is often because they have moved to the wrong area or bought the wrong property, not integrated. so much depends on why you are moving and where to. But look at the ones who are not happy and see if there is a reason for this, often buying a property that needs renovating without using professionals and spending far too much money is one of the biggest reasons. good luck with your decision and please feel free too ask us anything