Thursday, 15 October 2015

Renovation project - We have found our Spanish home

Renovation project - We have found our Spanish home

Well we have finally arrived at our destination we are staying in a small rental property in Torrevieja for 2 weeks to arrange to view the properties. There were so many available when we were looking so hopefully we just pick one and go.

But in Spain things seem to be slightly different we contact a number of agents only to find out many of the properties that we liked are not available!

So why are they still advertised?

We have 2 weeks to find somewhere to live and to be honest panic did start to kick in.

We go to view 2 and they are not what we want we want a garden and a pool as we are hoping the kids and families will visit often, these 2 on paper have everything we need but the gardens are full of plants and covered in gravel the plants probably wouldn't have been too bad as I would’ve killed them pretty quickly, not through choice but because I am a useless gardener, but the idea of sharp cactus is not appealing, I struggle to understand why people wanting to rent out there properties would have hard to maintain gardens and dangerous plants.

We do have an amazing time in our little rental and we are only 100 metres from the beach and walking distance to the bars and restaurants, I really want somewhere near here.

An agent gets back to us and says they have a property that isn't yet on the books it only emptied a couple of days ago, we arrange to visit and meet the agent there.

I do not need to see inside, this is the property for us, the garden is covered in astro turf so I can't kill it, and there is a fantastic pool,, we agree straight away.

We have found our new home, well for the next 6 months anyway, by which point we will have bought somewhere and had time to make it livable we are dong the renovation in comfort this time!

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