Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Driving to the Costa Blanca, Spain avoiding toll roads

Driving to the Costa Blanca, Spain avoiding toll roads

We leave cellars and within 10 minutes we are passing some of the most beautiful scenery we have seen so far on this trip, we also pass a gorge that looks very similar to the one we had tried to find yesterday, we can't get in to it but we can pull up nearby to take photographs.

We have chosen not to use the toll roads (not because we are Scrooges) but because you get to see so much more when you are on the smaller roads. You drive round mountains and through villages you would never get to see if you were on a main motorway.

I would so recommend driving this way, toll roads may be quicker and more convenient but you miss so much,, by driving this way you never know what you will see, we had never expected to find stunning lakes in the middle of mountain ranges!

The villages you drive through are also the traditional Spanish villages that you hope to visit but miss if you are on the tourist routes.

There is a cost associated with toll roads, but personally I feel the cost is so much higher than just the financial aspect, the missed experiences and views have no monetry values, but when else do you get to drive on open mountain roads and just stop the car to get out and take a selfie with this background?

This is one of the best drives we have ever been on and we are heading to the Costa Blanca, so this makes it even more exciting.

The only advice I can give is be careful in the mountains and enjoy the scenery, driving is so much nicer if you avoid the toll roads