Friday, 2 October 2015

Renovation project - Andorra

Renovation project - Andorra

Driving from Bordeaux to Andorra is an amazing road trip, the scenery changes constantly and it is so exciting when you see the border checkpoint, we have really said goodbye to France.

The drive goes higher and higher and the roads are very windy, even though they are not small, I couldn't resist taking a photo of the sat nav, It looks like a child has gone mad with the purple felt tip after being on such long straight roads.

It is still raining as we go over the Pyrenees and I somehow feel we are to blame for the bad weather, it has rained at some point every day since we left Huelgoat in Brittany.

We have visited Andorra before and the main thing you notice is the mountains and the feeling of being enclosed, they are all around you, the mountain roads wind up and down and the highest point is well over 2000 metres.

We have plans to visit the main town again, but decide to book into the hotel first, the sat nav couldn't find it, but we put in a road that is nearby and once close, search for hotels, it finds it straight away and we follow the directions to what looks like a very shut hotel, no need to panic I have the reservation on my phone, as we pull in it is definitely shut, bugger what do we do now, we have already paid, and the road we have just gone on is a dead end, we reverse out, no easy task onto a mountain road and then notice just past where we pulled in is the hotel (we pulled in to the wrong drive)

The hotel is amazing and the view is spectacular. As I booked the hotel, on the special request bit I had asked to have the room on the website picture, and we get it, it is beautiful and as we look out of the patio doors we see a wild deer in the grounds below, can this place get any better.

Our plans to go out are dropped immediately, we have one night here and we are going to enjoy it, unfortunately we do not have our swimming costumes to take advantage of the spa, but this just means we will come back again.

As evening approaches we look out and see a restaurant not far away but as we work out how long it would take to walk there and back we decide to stay and eat at the hotel, we are so glad we did the food was amazing.

Before dinner we have an apperitif in the bar, it is the largest gin and tonic I have ever seen!

The food and drinks were fabulous and we head back to the room for one of the most comfortable nights sleep we have had in a long time.

Breakfast is just as good with a table overlooking the mountainside but it is time to move on, another day another country.

I have just realised we have not said very much about Andorra, it is definitely worth a visit for a couple of nights, in winter it is a ski resort and in summer you can find some really good hotel deals, as we had visited before, this time we just relaxed and didn't explore at all (I know not much of a blog post but hopefully the photos will be worthwhile)

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