Saturday, 3 October 2015

Renovation project - Driving across the Pyrenees

Renovation project - Driving across the Pyrenees

We leave Andorra and head for Spain, we are staying in a place called Cellers, Spain as I really want to visit Mont St Rrebi.

We drive out of Andorra and make sure we fill the car with diesel, it is so cheap here, actually most things are in Andorra, and if you come in summer there are amazing bargains to be had in the hotels.

We head to the border crossing and John freaks as I go to take a photo, apparently this is not on!

We are pulled to one side and asked to open our boot, we are praying they don't want to search us, as we are currently carrying all of our belongings in the car and to unpack would take hours, however the border officer notices this and just asks if we have any alcohol or tobacco, we don't so we are waved on.

The drive is a lot more down hill this way but we pass through some tunnels in the mountains that are 2 or 3 kilometres long.

The drive to Spain is fantastic, we really can't recommend driving through the Pyrenees enough we have done it so many times and each time have taken a different route, and each time we have never been disappointed by the views.

This time we have taken a video of the drive, if you click on the link you will be able to experience out drive, but do try t for yourself as the video really does not do justice to the majestic mountain range

DRIVING THROUGH THE PYRENEES this is the link to click on for the video

We arrive in Cellars early in the afternoon and have a lunch in the café next to the hotel, we sit by the pool over looking the lake, and eel our first spots of rain, what is going on, we are in Spain it should not even be pretending to rain!!!!!

There is one heavy shower then it is is dry almost as quickly as it rained.

Time to book in and then go exploring.

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