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Renovation Project - Diagnostiques required for selling a house in France

Renovation Project - Diagnostiques required for selling a house in France

Now we have accepted the offer it is full steam ahead, we have to have our diagnostiques completed.

In France the owners are responsible for completing the diagnostiques. There is a clear structure of what is required.

To go on to the market the DPE (analysis of energy performance and emissions - a legal requirement) is required. This report has a life of 10 years. We had already had this in place.

In addition to this a full set of diagnostiques are required, it is much better to have all of these in place right at the beginning, but as they all have different life spans it may be better to have them completed at the CDV (compromise de vente) stage (which is what we are doing).

The diagnostiques required are:
  • Lead paint
Information on exposure to lead in paintwork for any property built before 1949. This report is valid for 1 year if there are positive lead readings, but if no lead is found this report has no time limit.
  • Asbestos
this report is for properties built before July 1997, asbestos is still regularly used in France, which is not a problem generally, but the report will let you now the condition of the asbestos, with any recommendations (there is no obligation to remove these materials particularly if they are in good condition).
  • Electrical Installation
Again this report will let you know if the electrics conform to standards and point out any anomalies, this report is valid for 3 years
  • Gas installations
Luckily we do not require this as we do not have gas in the house, other than the gas hob and the gas bottle that feeds this is on a flexi hose and not fixed
  • Termites
This area of France does not have termites, but this report will also state the condition of the wood and let you know if there is damp/rot/woodworm. This report is only valid for 6 months
  • Natural and Industrial Risks – ERNT Etat Naturelle des Risques Naturelles et Technologiques
This report will let you know of any environmental risks such as flood etc and is valid for 6 months.

A report is also required for your fosse, but as we are on mains drains we do not have this problem to deal with.

The only problem with having the reports completed at this stage rather than at the beginning is that it can add a couple of weeks to the process, as you have to arrange for the visit and then wait for the reports.

This is the most nerve racking part of the process, what happens if there are problems?

John is completely confident that everything will pass, but I am on pins.

Wish us luck!

This post is for information and based on personal experience, please check with your notaire or estate agent for any possible changes in legislation

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