Friday, 20 March 2015

Renovation Project - we haven't sold yet!

Renovation Project - we haven't sold yet!

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Well we have now been on the market for almost 4 weeks and we haven't sold, is it time to start panicking? Have we over priced the property?

Should we start to think about reducing the price?????

All of these questions go through your mind,

You have decided to sell,

So mentally you have already moved out,

Yes it has been amazing, the house is beautiful but I am ready for the next big adventure.

I have always been impatient and luckily I have John here to calm me. After all we have only been on the market for not quite 4 weeks, we have had one viewing, but they decided they wanted a detached property.

We have heard the horror stories of people having houses on the market for years, are we going to be one of those, will we still be sat here next year or the year after?

We have also had an enquiry from America, but he is unable to get here until May due to work commitments and flights and he has asked to be kept informed if any body shows any real interest, so that he can try to get earlier flights,

So really it couldn't be any more positive.

It is just so difficult when you are ready to move on.

But on a positive note we have friends coming to visit next week to celebrate one of those miles stone birthdays, we have had bookings with the B&B and we have just turned down 8 days of bookings (sods law the time we have friends to visit turns out to be one of the busiest periods!) but this is something you have to accept with a B&B.

We could let one room but to be honest we would much rather party with our friends, so we have to say that we are full.

We have another viewing booked for ext week as well so who knows we may be celebrating a lot more than getting old!

Wish us luck !!!!!!!


  1. I wish you luck that your house will sell soon. I've enjoyed so much following your adventure from the beginning and I can't wait for the next one. Have you bought your next project or are you in the 'looking' phase?

    1. hi so sorry for the delay in replying everything has been so hectic, we are still looking at the moment :)

  2. Be prepared for a very long wait - a couple of years ago houses were remaining unsold for well over a year and the average was about 9 months. Since then the French economy has gone down so it could be worse. Even after you sell it will be three months before you can move. Are you advertised on the UK related web sites, blogs etc? Your probable audience is ex-pats looking to own a B&B in France

    Bonne chance

    1. thanks for the advice, and sorry for the delay in replying, we have priced the house to sell and because we did not have to pay for any artisans, we have not spent a lot on it, which means wwe do not hae to have a high sale price, so fingers crossed