Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Renovation project - Main drains test

Renovation project - Main drains test

Even though we are on mains drains we have to have a professional to come out and check that everything is OK, I have this booked in and when the guy from SIVOM arrives he is there for approx 5 minutes,

He asks

Do we have a fosse?

I say no

He asks

Do we have mains drains

I say yes,

He looks at the man hole cover outside and says merci et au revoir!

Is that it? How simple!

We get a bill and a letter from the Mairie to say yes we are on mains drains, is it all going to be this simple?

Though I do think the 77 euro bill is a bit expensive to ask questions that really could be done over the phone!

I still can't believe this is all we have to do (we find out later that it isn't!)


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