Saturday, 6 July 2013

Renovation project - We're heading for the sun tomorrow!!!!!!!!

Renovation project - We're heading for the sun tomorrow!!!!!!!!

Today is spent getting ready to go on holiday, we have our route set out and have already booked some hotels.

We have decided to drive to Bordeaux and spend a night there in a cheap formula 1 hotel, if you have not heard of these they are fantastic hotels across France, the average price for a room is euro’s 36 and they can sleep up to 3 people. They are not luxury in any sense of the word, but they are comfortable and if they are only to be used as a stop off point they make an ideal inexpensive night stop.

We have not booked one at Bordeaux as John thinks it may be better to see how far we get before we book one.

Next it is on to Laruns in the Pyrenees, as I am desperate to ride Le Petite Train de Artouste, this is a small train that rides around the mountain tops, then down to Spain to visit Andy, who helped with our electrics when we first moved into the house (this will be a week in a tent!) not sure I am looking forward to this as much as the hotels but hey what is life without variety!

We then move on to a week in a villa where our daughters and my baby granddaughter will be joining us.
After a relaxing week with the family we move on to Ronda in Spain followed by Evora in Portugal and then a week at a festival in Lisbon.

We do not have anywhere booked on our way home and I have agreed to leave it to chance (this is a big thing for me as I do like to know where we are going and get a bit freaked out at being in a different country with no plans).

The day is spent packing and unpacking as we do not want to take too much with us and so far on every holiday we take a suitcase of clothes that never get worn, but we are a little bit stuck as we will be driving through 3 different weather systems, so we do need to be prepared.

We drop our house keys off with friends so that they can keep a check on our mail and have them ready for my brother and his family.

We also plant our first tree in the garden, this is such a momentous moment, this tree will be here long after we have gone, it will hopefully be a beautiful magnolia. We still haven’t decided exactly where to put it so it goes near the trees that I have recently released from the bramble. I feel so emotional about planting the tree, we are really leaving our mark on the property even more so than all of the work we are doing in the house.

The evening is spent with friends and they cook an amazing curry, thank you again, then it’s off to the house for an early night as the total drive will be close to 3 thousand miles, just keep your fingers crossed for us that the car will hold out!

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