Thursday, 25 July 2013

Renovation project - Family holiday in Campoamor, Spain

Renovation project - Family holiday in Campoamor, Spain

We leave the campsite after a week and head over to the airport to pick up my daughter and the baby ready for our next week in the sun, but this week is to be spent in an air conditioned villa with a private pool, I cannot wait, I’m so excited to be seeing the baby and my daughter but also to be able to sleep in a proper bed with air conditioning!!!!!

We get to the airport and pick them up and realise we have left the tin of baby powdered milk at Andy’s, we have to drive back and pick it up and stop for a bite of lunch, unfortunately we don’t find Andy whilst we are there.

We settle in and then we go to pick up Johns daughter. We get back to find the villa has been tidied already; my daughter really does not take after me!

The next week is spent with days idling by the pool, strolling to the beach, family BBQ’s and overdosing on my grandbaby, I really am in heaven.

We had managed to pick up a fantastic inflatable ring for the baby which even had an inflatable palm tree for shade, but the best thing we picked up was a little paddling pool, this we filled with some water and put a big
folded towel in, and the baby was happy to splash around in this under the shade of the parasol, this has to be the best tip for anybody going on holiday with a baby.

My daughter and her partner get the opportunity to spend some evenings out, John gets to spend some quality time with his daughter and I finally get the chance to have some quality bonding time with my grandbaby.

The area and the Villa are fantastic, by the beach there are a number of typical Spanish restaurants but on the other side of the villa, when you walk into the town bit there is a strip of bars and restaurants that are really touristy, there is even a carvery!!!! How could you possibly want a carvery in this weather?

The baby seems to have a preference for Spanish cuisine over French cuisine; this is going to be one very well travelled baby.

The week flies by and it seems no sooner have they arrived than it is the last night, we decide to have a surprise birthday party for John (it is his big milestone birthday soon) and another night is spent chatting and eating.

Then all too soon it is time to go home, we drop my daughter and her family at the airport and I think I cry most of the way back to the villa, we spend the afternoon cleaning the villa and then it is time to leave, the couple who own the villa are fantastic and we spend some time chatting before we leave. The car is packed and we are heading over to Andy’s to wait for the plane.

I leave relaxed, this is the first time I have left anywhere without panicking that we have left anything or not turned the iron off (this is my strangest panic as I do not own one and do not iron?) it all goes so smoothly, we sit down with Andy, open a cold drink and then Johns phone rings, the owners of the villa wonder whether we have picked her handbag up by mistake, I know I haven’t so we say we will go and check the car and call her back (oops we can’t because her phone is in the bag!).

We open the car and there it is, I can’t believe it, this is the only time I haven’t panicked and double checked everything a hundred times, and of course it has to be the only time something goes wrong, my OCD over leaving the house is now going to go into overdrive!!!!

The owners are just so relieved to get it back that they arrange to come over to the campsite, we leave it with Andy, as we have to go to the airport, luckily all goes well and they pick it up, I’m so sorry once again if you are reading this.

Well all the kids have gone and we are back at the campsite, only this time somebody has leant us a caravan to stay in.

I’m up early the next morning and feel bereft; it is still hard saying goodbye even though we are almost a year into living abroad, when will it get easy?


  1. I love Spain! This swimming pool looks amazing <3

    1. Spain is one of our favourite places, we hope to move there in a few years time :)