Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Renovation Project - We need a holiday!!!!

Renovation Project - We need a holiday!!!!

We still haven’t done a lot over the past few days, my brother and his family will be visiting for a week whilst we are away, so we make sure that the house is as ready as it can be for them, this means not taking down the kitchen and waiting till we get back before we start any more big jobs.

John has been around the house and sorted out lots of little bits, the sort that need to be done and take time but do not really give you anything to show for your time and trouble. We have been looking more at holiday destinations and have got lots of ideas from a site I joined called http://barrelhopping.com/

We are going to drive down through France, across the Pyrenees and into Spain, then we are onto Portugal and back up through France, I cannot wait. I don’t think I have ever needed a holiday so much. We are going to go in a week’s time woo hoo!!!!!!

We have thought about the holiday more and more and decided we cannot wait a week, we are going as soon as we can get ready, which is the day after tomorrow!!!!!!!!

Sunshine, shunshine, sunshine!!!!!!!

This may sound like a strange decision as we want to open as a B&B, it isn’t that we have lost our minds, yes we will miss this year’s summer season, but we were going to anyway, this way we actually get to fully recharge our batteries. 

Many people try something like this and work themselves into the ground; this is not a good idea and should be avoided if at all possible. The one year point is often breaking point and people give up and move back to their country of origin, instead we are going to have a break and come back full of vigour.

I will be letting you know where we go and how much fun travelling we have.


  1. If you pass through Asturias (which you should as it's beautiful), give us a shout.

    1. Thanks, maybe have to go on next years trip, we are coming from Portugal up to Salamanca.

      We traveled around Bilbao last year and loved it :)