Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Renovation project - Things to see and do in Lisbon, Portugal

Renovation project - Things to see and do in Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is an amazing city, there is so much to do and so many places to visit, I am not going to go into much detail as the pictures say more than a thousand words.

The one thing I would recommend though is to go on the trams, we did not work them out and just jumped on one we saw, you can pay on the tram or get a day pass (the day pass is highly recommended as this allows you to travel all day and costs approx the same as two rides when you pay on the tram).

We travelled to the end of the line and then back again, the tram ride is fascinating as at times you can touch the buildings you are passing it gets so close.


In the main square by the coast there is the world’s sexiest toilet, it costs a euro to go in and we thought it was going to be some sort of museum or attraction, it isn’t, it is just a public toilet but they do have the best selection of toilet rolls ever!

Food wise there is a massive selection and we actually went to a Chinese buffet for dinner, this is not the English version of a Chinese buffet and the food was magnificent, it had the largest selection of sushi I have ever seen and I was in my element, the meal and drinks cost less than 20 euro’s for the both of us, my first plate contained more than that in sushi!

It is very easy to get lost in Lisbon and we found out later that a great tip is, if you are lost, get on the subway and go back to the main station (we wish we had found this out a few hours before we were told!)

We also visited Sintra, this is a definite must see for any visit to Lisbon it is approx 15 miles outside the city but has so many attractions, we went to Quinta da Regaleira all I can compare it too, is Alice in Wonderland, we kept expecting to see the white rabbit appear at any time.

Quinta da Ragaleira is a small palace with so many tunnels and secret gardens and attractions it is hard to describe but no visit to Lisbon is complete without it!


We also visited Cascais on the way back to the hotel, this is a lovely coastal town with a very cosmopolitan feel, there were bars and restaurants from so many countries with menus in many languages.

No trip to Portugal is complete without a visit to the beach, we found one which was beautiful, but beware there is a strong Atlantic breeze and no matter how hot it is without a windbreak it can definitely feel a bit chilly!

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