Friday, 8 December 2017

Renovation project - The end is near

Renovation project - The end is near
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Apologies for the delay but we have just been so busy and to be honest we really needed a bit of a break, but the final installments of our life in France are coming.
Ok the French sale is now going ahead at full steam. We will be exchanging next week.
I am on face book and having a chat with one of my very good friends and as I am about to say I’ll pop round next week, it suddenly hits me like a steam roller, and I am floored.
I look at John and say do you mind if I pop up to Suzy’s and he says no problem is everything OK and at this moment I explain there will be no next week to pop up, this is it we are actually leaving next week.
So I call up and sit on the terrace thinking this is probably the last afternoon we will be doing this.
When I return home it is time to try to arrange all of our goodbyes, we should probably have done this earlier, but you can’t guarantee anything until the paperwork is signed, but now it is.
We have such a bitter sweet week, eating out and visiting people saying our final goodbyes. There is so much I am going to miss about this little village, we have made such good friends and have so many happy memories. But it is time to plan the next stage and hopefully that will be just as good, at least the sun will shine on the next stage.
So for now it’s cleaning and clearing and getting up to date on the blog.

And luckily getting Johns teeth fixed, we finally managed to get an appointment at the dentist (after all it is September now) we have a last lot of anti biotics and hopefully John will finally be back to his normal self.

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