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Renovation project - Selling a house in France

Renovation project - Selling a house in France

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As you are aware we have been selling the French house at the same time as the UK house, the only difference is the estate agent. Unlike the UK you can have as many estate agents as you like, but quantity does not necessarily mean quality.
We are also selling the house privately and if you have ever considered doing this, I will do a post explaining how, but for now here is a brief idea of the sorts of enquiries you will get as the enquiries have been coming think and fast, my French is getting back to where it was when I used to be an immobillier (estate agent) and my brain is remembering why I said I would never do it again!
1.      I had a lovely e-mail from a Parisian, I responded with an e-mail that took me an evening to write, I received a thank you and I’ll be in touch (no they weren’t!)
2.      A quick e-mail wanting to know how much the taxes were, we think good value, they obviously didn’t as not heard from them again.
3.      An email asking how close the shops were to the property and public transport, big reply sent stating all approx 200 metres but heard nothing back I have no idea how close they wanted the shops to be
4.      The icing on the cake e-mail, would we be willing to let them stay in the property for 3 weeks so that they could decide if they want to buy it! Err that will be a no, pay for your own holiday!
5.      Our first enquiry wanting to view, date booked, went very well and 20 minutes after they left came back and said they loved it, please don’t sell it before they come back with their son next week (eek have we just sold?)
6.      Can we view at the same time as our returning viewers (no and I give a number of alternative times and dates) never too be heard from again
7.      The local agent has got a couple that want to view (woo hoo, I won’t have to do anything with this one)
8.      Our first viewers come back, but it is not the right property for the son, who is actually buying, the couple look like they are about to cry
9.      An enquiry from one of the other sites, can they have more details (now I know this is a standard option on the site to click a button, but come on, what details?) I reply asking what details would they like and the day after get an offer of the asking price! Something smells fishy, I telephone the number I have and speak to a man, hello, how are you? Good to speak to you, are you in a position to buy our house? Actually no, I haven’t arranged a trip yet, ahh ok no problem; let me know when you have!!!!!!!!!
10.  Another enquiry asking for more details about the location, so again my French brain is exhausted after replying. They want to visit, another viewing, then I get another e-mail, a bit I do not understand so use Google translate, which tells me they are very annoyed that we do not have a downstairs bathroom, so will not be visiting. I am assuming that Google got it a little bit wrong and they weren’t actually annoyed with us.
11.  Then we have an enquiry from an English couple who want to view, she loves it, but he’s not sure, they will let us know. I don’t want to be a fly on the wall in that house tonight.
12.  Another English couple, again they really like it but again, one more than the other.
13.  Lots of e-mails from an English person, who eventually decides they want a big garden. It states so clearly there is only a patio garden.
14.  Another English family who want to visit, it is the opposite of what they originally wanted, but the lure of being able to walk to the shops and restaurants and lake and forest has changed their mind. They view and love it. We are waiting for them to arrange a second viewing as they need to speak to the Mairie. Now this sounds very promising.

This is the downside to selling yourself you have to do all the work and answer all of the e-mails, swapping between French and English. But it does make for fun reading when you put them all together.


  1. Ah, the memories of this :) It happened in the USA as well on numerous occasions until we finally sold it. Good luck

  2. Brilliant! Ok -
    so who did you sell to in the end?

    1. it was a really nice couple from the UK, they loved the town and house