Sunday, 31 December 2017

Renovation Project - It’s all over

Renovation Project - It’s all over
This has been such a hectic week; we have so much to do and so little time to do it in. Have you ever noticed that when you know what needs doing there seems to be so much time but actually trying to get it done is a totally different matter.
Cleaning the house is no problem, but then you don’t want to use the room you cleaned, but have to, so it needs cleaning again so it becomes a never ending cycle.
The last tip run is completed and we say our goodbyes, this was far more emotional than should be expected, what had my life become? But seriously we had actually got to know the guy there quite well, it was like my second home for quite some time, again, seriously, what had my life become?
Then we need to get everything booked for our trip to Portugal, this may be the last time that we make this drive, simply because flights are so inexpensive. So trying to ensure that we visit the right places on the way down are important.
We complete the final signing of our sale at 11 am tomorrow morning (the blog is a little bit behind as you may have guessed, we are not signing on New Year’s Day) and will be driving to Portugal as soon as we leave the notaires office. So we can’t go as far as Bordeaux which is normally our first stop, so we are going to stay in La Rochelle. I have wanted to visit this town so much and somehow we have never managed it. But the trip is planned with 4 stops; we really are going to enjoy this trip with time for lunch in Bordeaux one day and San Sebastian the next.
The car is taken to the garage to have its wheels balanced as John noticed a slight wobble, this takes almost a full day as we go in the morning to be told to come back at 2, then at 2 we are told to come back at 3, then at 3 we are told to come back at 4. This is not a problem as they are the main garage in this area for recovery of cars, so we know they can be very busy and called out on emergencies. But they are good and trustworthy so the payoff is worth it, plus now we just give a Gaelic shrug and say, oh well its France (I think I may miss this attitude to life the most when we leave).
But now all our goodbyes are said, our house is empty of us, all the furniture is being left and once again we pack the new trusty Volvo with all our worldly belongings, and we must be getting better as we do not even have a roof box for this journey.
It’s a final night at Le Crepuscule, actually this restaurant maybe what I will miss the most and then the night is spent at our friends house, no its definitely my friends I will miss the most and then it really is goodbye Huelgoat in the morning.
Oh God what are we doing I love this place; I am going to miss it all so much

But tomorrow is a new day
TO BE CONTINUED.................................
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