Monday, 10 July 2017

Renovation project - Visiting a doctor in the UK

Renovation project - Visiting a doctor in the UK
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I am really enjoying spending time with my baby granddaughter, she is growing up so quickly and I get to spend a few days staying with her, but one morning I wake with a sore throat. I try not to let it bother me but within a few days I feel like I have swallowed a pint of broken glass.
I actually have no idea what it feels like to swallow broken glass, but I think it is a safe bet to say it feels like I do at the moment. My head is banging and my face feels like it has been hit by a base ball bat, more than once!
I try the chemist and get a throat spray that is supposed to deaden any feeling but I am spraying constantly and it is doing nothing, my honey and lemon feels good whilst I am drinking it but nothing is helping. I have no choice I will have to visit the doctor.
This is something I have always dreaded during a visit to the UK, the need for medical treatment, we never take holiday insurance for a visit to the UK as we have our EHIC card for emergency treatment, and to be honest at the moment this is an emergency.
I remember when I lived in this part of the UK, years ago getting an appointment was horrendous, and we hear how difficult it is for people who live here. But I try the surgery that my parents use and I can have an appointment today. I explain that I am from France and only visiting so they ask me to come in a few minutes earlier to complete some forms.
I arrive and complete the forms, and ask how I pay, the staff do not know and don’t think there is a payment due, but they have all my details so no problem, they do not even want copies of my EHIC or my French medical cards.
I see the doctor who is so friendly and nice, and get a prescription for some anti biotics. These I have to pay for and, WOW! How expensive is a prescription!!!!
The following day I start to feel a little better, I realise just how much pain I have been in.
I am still happily surprised at how easy it was too access medical care in the UK and wonder if this will continue and how different it is to France where you need ID and payment up front for a doctor’s visit. But I definitely cannot complain about my recent connection with the NHS, but maybe this was just one doctor’s surgery that is friendly and efficient.

Hopefully I will be recovered when we get the ferry home in a few days time.


  1. You should of been charged £50 for a private consultation so you were lucky.

  2. Hi Jenny, last time my throat was like that I found that taking ibuprofen helped me, by easing the swelling and pain. It is a horrible pain, and I hope it goes away for you soon.


  3. Hope the antibiotics worked and you are feeling better Jenny. Take care.

  4. The EHIC card covers you for emergency treatment as though you were a resident. So if a resident would not pay for a consultation then neither would you. I guess its all down to the definition of 'emergency'. As for the prescription, whilst it may have felt expensive, remember its a flat rate so no matter what the item actually cost you pay the flat fee. So actually it is good value for money.