Thursday, 6 July 2017

Renovation project - Decision made

Renovation project - Decision made
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The decision has been made we are going to go back to the UK and give notice to our tenants, this is so difficult, they see the house as their home, they have got married and had a family in the house and we are going to put an end to it, I feel like an ogre! But this is the reality of Brexit, something that many people did not and still do not realise. I’m sure our tenants never thought the outcome of Brexit was going to be them losing their home in the UK, but needs must.
This is not something I could do over the phone, so we arrange to visit them, but the children have chicken pox, we cannot risk getting the germs and then visiting family, so we have come over to the UK and still end up having to Skype.
We eventually get to visit and explain our decision fully. IT is one of the most emotional visits I have ever had, it also feels very strange being in my old house, this was my life before John, this was the last home that my daughter lived in before she grew up. There are so many memories here from a very different life.
But life changes, things move on and we want to live in Portugal so the decision is out of our hands.
We will have up to ten weeks to wait for our house,
We decide to make the most of a bad situation and spend some time in the UK with family. It is so nice to see everybody again.
But it does not take long for reference requests to come through for our old tenants, we have to decide if we are going to stay in the UK while they move or go back to France and return later.

The tenants find a new property and the moving date is a few weeks away, it is not realistic to stay  until they move out as we have viewings booked in on the French house, so we book a ferry and get to enjoy some family time, 


  1. I really sympathise with your dilemma and the very fact that you are feeling such angst indicates that you are good people and do not do this thing lightly. Indeed Brexit has affected us all adversely and my husband and I have made so many 'definite' decisions about the future, like tiddlers wriggling on a fishing line. Ultimately, you have to work with what you have and do the very best for yourselves that you possibly can. Try and stay positive. You are lucky in so many ways and carry so many skills with you wherever you are. I know you'll come through this much stronger. I am drawing strength from your struggles too, and I'm sure a lot of others can identify with your sentiments. Good luck! I'll be watching your developments closely

  2. Does your fear of Brexit mean Portugal is also a no go? Just curious!

  3. I feel so bad for you Jenny having to make such difficult decisions that not only affect you, but your tenants as well. I'm sure they realize that you have no choice but to do what you have to do to continue on with your dreams. On a positive note, thank goodness you had the house in the uk as your security blanket. Not to sound harsh, but when people rent they have to realize that things like this could happen and they have to move on as well. Hope the house in France sells soon.