Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Renovation project - Summer friends, magical eggs and beautiful bathrooms

renovation project - Summer friends, magical eggs and beautiful bathrooms
The weather has been absolutely glorious this summer so far, I have enjoyed my evening walks around the lake, 
Huelgoat Lake, Brittany France

Huelgoat Lake, Brittany France
Sitting out on the patio with my evening glass of wine and visiting friends. But best of all is when friends come to Huelgoat. We have been taken out so many times and yes my waist is now stretching.
Friends in Huelgoat. Brittany. France
I think without doubt our favourite restaurant in Huelgoat is Le Crepuscule if you are ever in the area, you must pay a visit.
Le Crepuscule. Huegoat. Brittany. France

Le Crepuscule. Huegoat. Brittany. France

Le Crepuscule. Huegoat. Brittany. France
We are all sat there one evening as I go to get my phone from my bag and realise I have four chicken eggs in there.
Free range eggs. Huelgoat. Brittany. France
Now chicken eggs are not normal for me to have in my bag, so even I am surprised. Then I remember I had popped to Suzy’s earlier and she had no egg boxes available and because she only had a few eggs spare , we just popped them in  my bag and there they have stayed until evening, being banged around and dropped on the floor, these are surely magical eggs.
They are also hidden eggs, last year the chickens were laying so many that they had trouble giving them away, this year not so, well maybe they are laying but they are hiding where. These really are free range chickens. So they have as much space as they could possibly want, including woods to roam. So maybe there are dozens of eggs out there that have just not been found?
They are the most camera shy chickens as well, they had a number of hiding places once I got my camera out.
Free range eggs. Huelgoat. Brittany. France
Our friends from the UK are coming to visit tonight, they are not staying with us they are staying at Locquirec. But have decided to spend a night with us. We have the best night, I’m wondering how many times I can say that about one summer and in the morning I leave them to sleep.
They stayed in the little house, so it was like a holiday, the kids stayed with us in the main house and they got to enjoy the beautiful vaulted bedroom and the new little bathroom. They are actually the first to stay in that room now it is completely finished and they were really impressed.
Huelgoat. Brittany. France
The bathroom was a hit. Bathrooms are in my opinion one of the most important rooms in a renovation, it is the room that has to be completed first, the room that is probably most used and a room for relaxing as well as everyday normal use and luckily, bathrooms are John’s specialty.
But as I leave my friends relaxing I get to spend some time with the kids making juices. I am so looking forward to having our own fruit trees and being able to make fresh juice each morning.
My head is everywhere at the moment, I am loving life here in Huelgoat, I am looking forward to going back to the UK again and I can’t wait to start our new life in Portugal, with unlimited sunshine and fresh fruit.

So I am super excited about spending the night in our friend’s hotel tonight and actually get to stay in our beautiful area like real tourists!  I so need the little break, especially from my own head!.

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