Monday, 31 October 2016

Renovation Project - Antique french dresser (it's heavier than you think!)

Renovation Project - Antique french dresser (it's heavier than you think!)

We were still not happy with the ceiling in this room, but when we went shopping yesterday (I know we did a big shop for everything we needed the other day, but we had forgotten some things so had to go again) we saw some wall paper on special offer, this is a fibre glass wall paper, specifically for old walls. We bought a roll and fitted it last night.
I have never liked wallpapered ceilings but it has made such a difference and it will help with insulation
We had bought a large wooden unit months ago that did not fit in the living room, (or anywhere else, a big tip here is to actually measure your rooms and walls before buying big items of furniture!) so we are going to put it in the dining room. The unit is currently in the garage, the unit that took 3 delivery men to put in the garage, the unit that John expects us to carry into the dining room!
We remove the top, and then John utters his immortal words, you’ll be fine, stop being a wuss!
We manage to carry it across the garden and into the dining room, well sort of carry it; it was more a case of lift and shuffle a few steps, put it down and lift again. My arms are dying, it is so heavy. Once in, it looks enormous. And because of the boxing in, it cannot be pushed against the wall.
We look at it in different ways, but it will not fit anywhere else. John makes the decision to cut one of the back legs off and reposition it, this way it will be over the boxing in and right up to the wall. It also gets a coating of wood worm treatment just to be on the safe side.
The dining table is added and we now have a new room, the only thing missing is the lights, we had bought some wall lights, but as we are not using the old wall lights in the bedroom, we look at these and they fit perfectly with this room. (the ones on the right on top of the dresser)
There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel now, which is good as we leave for Portugal in a couple of days!


  1. Super human strength?! ;) Wow! That piece is beautiful and worth every huff and puff.

  2. Looks wonderful. I can't believe the two of you moved that dresser!

  3. thanks, it was so heavy, but so worth it, the furniture here is amazing