Monday, 22 August 2016

Renovation project - I am wonder woman (almost)

Renovation project - I am wonder woman (almost)
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Friends of ours with a holiday home in the village have had a problem with their electric, as it stopped on the last day of their last visit. They do have somebody looking after the house for them, but this person’s spoken French is not the best.
He pops in and asks if I would be willing to call EDF, this has to be done at the property so that you can follow their instructions for checking possible problems, would I be interested? Would I heck, the thought of a big telephone call with instructions fills me with dread.
But a couple of days later they have still had no joy and when our friends ring, John answers the phone and says no problem, “Jen will do it”. If looks could kill, John would be dead at this moment, he has so much more faith in me than I do.
But as he said we could not leave a friend in trouble and not try to help.
We call at the house and make the call, I manage most of it and then the woman on the other end does transfer me to somebody who can speak a little more English than she can (her English consisted of I will pass you to my colleague, that really was the limit).

But we manage. The technician is calling out today I have become the people that I loved so much when we first moved here, the one who can telephone and sort out a problem, I am finally the go to English person!


  1. That's great!!! What a great complement ...

    1. thank you, it's so good to be able to help even if I am completely freaking out inside ;)