Monday, 8 August 2016

Renovation project - Antique french chandeliers

Renovation project - Antique french chandeliers

John has been working out where to put the electrics, he soon realises that there will be far too many wires going from the consumer unit to be able to be hidden easily. At this point there is no option other than to put another consumer unit in the little house. We had not wanted to do this for purely cosmetic reasons; we will have a good sized utility where the electrics will be hidden. But as is often the case with best placed plans it won’t work.
So off we go to buy all that is needed for the electrics, he also works out how much extra pipe will be required for the plumbing (we are going to install a bathroom and mini kitchen).
On our way home we decide to pop into Emmaus as it is Wednesday (they only open on Wednesday and Saturday and the stock changes each day) we have been wondering what lights to have in the little house and as we go in we see a couple of chandeliers hanging, perfect, we ask the price of one and it turns out to be a set, 2 chandeliers and 2 wall lights for only 40 Euros.
Antique french chandeliers - Emmaus

Antique french chandeliers - Emmaus
But as john turns to look at it a plate (from a very nice dinner service) jumps off the shelf and lands with a loud clatter on the floor, we can feel all eyes on us, I’m gutted that it was from a full service, John is insistent to me that he didn’t touch it.
The shop assistant comes over and tuts as I pass him the broken pieces, but that is it, I apologise but no problem, we are not even asked to pay for the damage, but I am glad we are buying the lights!
We still have a few hours of working time left when we get back so it’s time to drill the hole for the waste pipe, this was a job that could take days when we first arrived, but now John knows that the space between the joists is filled with infill so is much easier to get through.
We just have to hope that the space where he wants the pipe is not where the garage is, as the drill bit comes through the wall, we could not have wished for a better result, it is in exactly the right place!

installing a waste pipe in an old french house


  1. You certainly have had good luck with vintage finds at that Emmaus. We're hoping to poke around in one in Normandy on our next trip.

    1. Hi Kiwi, it is without doubt my favourite shop. Have fun on your Normandy trip