Thursday, 11 August 2016

Renovation project - Electrics and plumbing in France

Renovation project - Electrics and plumbing in France
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John spends the day putting the electrics in place not actually in the final resting places but enough wire to go where they are supposed to.
Then he has the fun of putting the water pipes in, we even managed to buy enough isolation valves so the water did not need to be turned off.
This was a full day’s work but unfortunately nothing looks very different, that is the problem with these types of jobs, he can spend all day completing them and if anybody saw, there would be nothing to show for it but the difference it makes in the long term is fantastic.
We have started to measure out where the bathroom will be fitted and think we have chosen the shower unit.
The bathroom is the next aspect that needs to be considered, we have decided that it would be much better not to have a square room, this way we will be able to build a wardrobe so that the room will not require any furniture other than a bed and bedside tables.

This is when we realise that the new lights will fit perfectly in the house and other than a light for the bathroom, we do not need to buy anymore and the whole house will match.

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