Saturday, 25 July 2015

Renovation project - visit to the UK

Renovation project -  visit to the UK

The house sales that I have going through are going smoothly so we decide it is time to go back too the UK to visit the family. John has still not seen the newest baby yet in the flesh, we speak to them all on Skype but it is not the same, and I need a good dose of my baby granddaughter.

We decide to drive back and take the Calais to Dover route this gives us an opportunity to have a bit of a holiday and we book a night at Bologne sur Mer we have never been here before but have seen it on the map.

We book in to the hotel and go to do a bit of exploring, this is a beautiful town and we do not get to see all of it, so decide to book in on our way home as well.

We have an amazing week back in the UK and get too see all of the kids and grand kids.

My favourite bit is picking my baby granddaughter up from nursery school, she sees me through the window and starts too shout excitedly through the window 'mine meme' 'mine meme' she is never going to forget me and when I give her her new yellow T shirt the love is sealed!

We have an amazing week, absolutely knackering but amazing, we also realise this is the last time we will be driving from France to the UK as we will be moving to Spain very soon.

As always the week goes far too quickly and it is time to leave, I am in floods of tears again, it never gets any easier leaving them behind, but at least we will get to see them more often in Spain as there are flights directly from Manchester to Alicante, where we will be living.

This is hard to imagine, we will be moving much further away but it will be easier for family to visit!

A big tip when you are looking at moving is too make sure that it is easy to get back, we had thought that it would be easy for family to visit us in Brittany, but with changing flights and family that wont sail, it wasn't an easy journey at all.

You must do plenty of research when looking at moving too another country if you have family you will miss!


  1. My daughter will be moving to the UK in August, so in a couple of years (hopefully) I'lll be the granny in tears. I know that people around Charente Maritime have been caught out by Ryan Air's whims. There are no regular guaranteed flights!

    It will be quicker to visit our daughter is Essex than it was to see her in Poitiers!

    1. I know what you mean, it is easier to visit our daughter, now we are in Spain! hope the granny bit comes soon it is an amazing feeling