Monday, 13 July 2015

Renovation project - French kitchen renovation

Renovation project - French kitchen renovation

The house is still smiling as we get up this morning and we are going to make it even happier. John is going to point the wall with the smile, so this can be seen for ever!

As the room is almost empty, we have only left the sink unit in place, pointing the wall is an easy job,

John has already cut his teeth (so to speak) on our old house and the living room wall so he knows exactly what products to use.

He has to remove the plug sockets and light fittings as currently these are on the wall covered in plastic trunking.

It is easier to have them moved to the side of the door way, so that they cannot be seen, again this is a job that was easier to do, than what had been done and will look so much better.

Once pointed it is hard to imagine it was the same wall.

If you are considering a renovation, even a little one like this look beyond what is there and imagine how it can be, it does not take long to remove old plaster and often the stones are amazing, but beware sometimes you are not lucky, we found this with our old house on a couple of walls, where we expected beautiful stone walls and found none, this will mean you will have to re plaster a wall but a couple of days of work is worth it if you can end up with the above result (and if you don't, you still get a nice new plastered wall)

We had no choice but to remove the wall (I say wall in the loosest terms) behind where the run of units will go, but this could not be left uncovered as it would be far too much stone in a small room.

But the damp had to be allowed to breathe.

John puts a stud wall up and uses jointing plaster to cover the joints, once painted this will look like new and will make the wall secure (previously if you touched it the whole thing wobbled!)


  1. John does great work, and you do a great job of telling the world! :)