Friday, 10 July 2015

Renovation Project - Johns not well

Renovation Project - Johns not well

John has not been feeling well for a couple of days and he seems to have another abscess in his mouth, his teeth don’t hurt but his face does.

We visit the doctor who thinks it is his teeth, but after checking them and finding there is no pain, thinks it maybe his sinus's.

She gives him a prescription for painkillers and antibiotics and to go for a scan (can you believe it?????) in the UK we would've had to wait months for a scan, but we get one because “just to be sure!”

The antibiotics don’t work, the scan is booked

We also make an appointment at the dentist.

At the dentist it is not good news, John had some bridge work after an accident years ago, and apparently it was not done correctly, it will all need replacing, this is not covered on our health care in France as it considered cosmetic, and the bill will be approx 3000 Euros!

But he is given stronger antibiotics.

Not good news, and we start to look at treatment in other countries, you can buy dental holidays to Czechoslovakia and Bulgaria, but by the time you have added it all together you are not saving that much.

We go for the scan and he is diagnosed with polyps, one sinus is full of them, we had no idea about this and book an appointment with the consultant

(This has all taken approximately one week!!!!!)

The stronger antibiotics have started too work and he is almost back to being human again, he has been like a bear with a sore head for the past couple of weeks and spent most of the time in bed.

But it does give us some breathing space to decide what to do about the treatment and we have an appointment to see the specialist about his polyps in a couple of weeks


  1. I really feel for John. Not much fun when you have dental and sinus problems. I just had to get a bridge put in. It all started many many years ago when as a child I got a cricket ball in the mouth!! My bill was just over $6.000 and my dental plan paid $850!!! Now they tell me I have a cavity under another bridge that I have so that means a new bridge and another $6000 bill and no dental coverage (another $850) until May 2016. I didn't have any trouble like this when I was working and had FULL dental coverage. Hope John gets it all sorted and it doesn't end up too expensive. Could he get it done in the U.K?

    1. oh you poor thing and sods law about the dental cover, I used too have it in the UK and never had a problem till I didn't have it!
      The UK is far more expensive, we are going to see how it goes as John has been researching foods that can improve dental health so fingers crossed