Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Renovation project - John does it again!

Renovation project - John does it again!

We have not decided whether or not to remain open during winter, we think we may just concentrate on house viewers and nt push the B&B through the sites we have been using, we have some finishing touches we want to do to the house that we couldn't do during the time we had guests and one of them is to finish off our bedroom.

I need an office area to work in and really want some more wardrobe space, I know we have a large walk-in wardrobe but for some reason this does not seem to be quite big enough for us.

So John sets to work on improving the bedroom. He is going to build an office space and a wardrobe similar to that inn the big first floor bedroom.

We buy the wood and I leave John to it, I had always said that I would like one of the eaves to be completely built in but John thinks this would ruin the shape of the bedroom and he wants to see the eaves and suggests that we build the wardrobe insert a desk and have shelves over it, I really cannot see how this will look good, but I do trust him (which is a good thing really or we would never have got to this point!)

I keep looking at what he is doing and all I can think is nooooooooo........

But I keep sort of quiet and leave him to it, I really am glad he continued as when it is finished it looks fab, I have a desk to work from and shelves for all my office stuff, a cupboard to hide all my files in and a wardrobe for John, this also means that the walk in wardrobe is all mine.

I love my new bedroom furniture and the fact that I have everything I need without having to go furniture shopping is great, I am so glad I left him to it, as my idea would not have been practical or looked as good!