Monday, 19 January 2015

Renovation project - Alone in France

Renovation project - Alone in France

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This is a strange blog, I am going to be on my own, John has been invited to visit some friends and will be gone for 3 days and 2 nights. How can I say no, when I have left him behind to visit family so many times, but how can I say yes when I am still so scared of the dark (and believe me when it is dark here, it really is dark!)

I have no option I have to be the nice person, of course you can go dear, don't worry about me, I will be fine (stifled sobs and mounting fear) what is there to worry about, it is our home.

The strange creaking noises and such like that I can ignore whilst you are here will not bother me, I have my magic blanket once in bed, I will not go up to the top floor on my own, I will ignore the shadows that I see outside and the all the wonderful animal noises that you can hear, once it is dark will not change from owls and such like into terrifying and mysterious creatures of the night, I will not think of vampires or ghosts or ghouls, but continue to love the peace and quiet and tranquil area

(there are no ghosts, there are no ghosts,, there are no ghosts!!!!!!)

Our big dilemma is do I remain open as the B&B or do I close? Hhhmmmm big decision, do I stay alone with the non existent ghosts and monster owls? or as my friend put it, do I invite complete strangers off the street to stay with me to keep me safe?????

I decide to stay open, the guests so far have been lovely, why should they turn into axe wielding mad men just because I am alone????

I take a booking and luckily they are a lovely couple who are also viewing properties with me, so all is well,

John returns and I am still alive, why on earth was I worried, I had a great time, you can go again whenever you want to,

What's that!

You want to go again in a few weeks, are you mad, do you not realise there are axe wielding maniacs out there that want to stay in my house and the ghosts, yes I am now sure that they do exist again, will all suddenly move in with me along with that strange animal that sounds like an owl when you are here, but turns into a terrifying monster when you are gone!

Do I say any of this? Well actually yes I do, and a lot more, but I am a strong person so I laugh it of, ha ha ha.............. cue the silent tears again!

The next time he goes away for a couple of days, I have no guests, I am home alone and yes the monsters return (but only during the dark night) I have still yet to work out how that owl turns from a gorgeous creature into such a terrifying monster just while John is away, is it watching us? preying on us? Waiting for the moment to strike?

Or am I just a great big wuss who is afraid of the dark?

I think I know the answer and if John goes away again you will probably know the answer as well.


  1. Bon courage! We know the creaks and bumps are due to an old house settling down with changes of temperature but they're still scary. Why put the wooden panel in the glass of the door at night because OH isn't here? Would you REALLY be safer if he were here? Hmmm..... ?? Two things: 1) go visiting when OH does his visiting; 2) get a dog. Keep posting - many sympathies! (Anonymous as I wouldn't want to upset OH) :-)

    1. ha ha ha sorry my original post didn't go live, glad I am not the only one :)

  2. Love it ! So true here - when it's dark, it's BLACK...... we're always on the end of the phone, or you can stay here with us.

    1. ha ha ha thanks Theresa, I have only just seen this post. Hope you are keeping well x