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6 Tips For Winter Gardening

6 Tips For Winter Gardening

Maintaining our gardens in the winter months can be a treacherous task.
We may wish to hibernate away from the dark nights, but now is when the true work of a gardener begins. Preparing our outdoor oasis now will mean you reap the benefits come spring.

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1)      Get Wrapped Up

Your first consideration before you step outside should be your own safety.
Dressing appropriately with thermals and gloves, will protect you from the rigorous winter weather.
The garden can be a magical and mysterious place in winter, and you should be able to enjoy your time outside comfortably.

2)      Spruce Up Your Paths

Treading on the frosty lawns can cause damage to the grass.
And we don’t like to ruin the hard work we’ve put in already.
Grab a good old fashioned stiff brush, and sweep any debris to clear the paths.
Add a sprinkling of rock salt to ensure icy paths don’t cause any unnecessary accidents, and if you’re concerned about how it will affect your garden or any pets, this article gives you some clear guides about any hazards.

3)      Food For Wildlife

Give nature a place to retreat in your own backyard.
Attracting birds and other fauna, will deter bugs and slugs from munching away through plants while your snuggled up inside.
Bushes with berries or bird feeders, are the best way to invite feathered guests to enjoy the garden.
Don’t forget to report any sightings of weasels to the Mammal Society as they’re natural habitats are becoming increasingly endangered.

4)      Prepare

Winter is the perfect time to prepare your soil.
Loosen it, remove any weeds, and add a good dose of compost or manure to give it some nutrients throughout the cold winter months.
Your efforts will be rewarded come Summer with delicious vegetables and vibrant flowers.

5)      Safe & Secure

As the winds of winter can become a danger to us all, ensure to check that fences and sheds are stable.
Large trees will also need to be checked by a tree surgeon a few months before winter, to ensure no branches are dying or at risk of falling.
If you’re lucky enough to have a playground or tennis court on your premise ensure to hire professional maintenance contractors such as these. This will ensure that the condition and safety is kept in order.  

6)      Sit Back And Enjoy

With a nice hot cup of tea in one hand and a gentle bonfire crackling away, don’t forget to enjoy some peaceful moments in the garden.The buzz of Christmas can often be overwhelming so use your garden as your own quiet sanctuary.

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