Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Renovation project - A long day in France

Renovation project - A long day in France

Today has been one of those days, you know the type where you just want to curl up in bed and hide from the world or buy a super sized bottle of wine and sit in a corner and drink it, well you have an idea of how I am feeling at the moment.

We have a busy day, we have a full house so there is 4 breakfasts and a whole house clean, I have a house viewing at 12 noon and need to visit another house and a meeting at the RAM (our health provider) at 3pm, plus all of the e-mails and the normal everyday living including our big shop but we can do that after the RAM meeting.

We also found out yesterday that a rumour is spreading that we have opened a swingers B&B!!!!! I'm not sure if it is a mistake from one of our previous posts or if there is some nasty person in the town, especially after the anonymous post the other day!

The breakfasts go smoothly and we make a start on the cleaning, we have the right amount of bedding, but then John sees a mark on one of the quilt covers, no problem we'll just clean it. All good, its ready for when we need to leave and we just have time to hang it out, then our first problem, he drops it on the way to the garden, bugger now we need to re do it all and we're on our way out, not to panic there is enough time.

We get to the house viewing and it goes well, the house is beautiful and has so much potential, the viewers follow us back to Huelgoat to have a look around at a renovation that has been completed, we chat for some time, plus get the washing sorted.

We have had an e-mail from one of the guests to say that they will be arriving at 6, so that gives us loads of time.

The meeting goes well at RAM, and they will be sending John an Attestation until his Carte Vitale arrives. As we are leaving the mobile rings, it is a bad line and it is in French, we get cut off, they ring back, I ask if he is at the B&B and he is, so I say we will get back in 20 mins but this is not going well with the bad line, so I check the number and realise it isn't the B&B, the number had texted earlier to rearrange a viewing, I text and apologise for the bad line, it is only after I have sent the text that I realise the number wasn't exactly the same, bugger, bugger, bugger.

The number calls again, but I can't answer it so text saying that we will be back in 5 mins (as it is definitely the B&B), a guest must of arrived early.

Back at the house, there is nobody there, so I try to call the number and it won't go through.

At this point I want to cry, but I call our French colleague and explain that I have made a major bumble and could he please try to call the number for me.

I'm moaning at John about how I have screwed up again!

My colleague calls back and explains that it was a nice young man trying to deliver a parcel, so I had got it right, even with the bad line, but he is now too far away to come back, he will however come back tomorrow. This is quite exciting as it is our new headlights and we've been waiting for these for weeks!!!!
John also points out that every time I moan that I have screwed up, it turns out that actually I haven't, I think about it and he's right, sometimes I just feel that everything is going wrong, but now that he has pointed it out, he's right, maybe I am just focussing on the difficult bits instead of realising how well I am doing, after all I couldn't speak French a few months ago, and here I am talking and talking phone calls.

We finish the rooms as the door bell rings with 2 guests, we settle them in with a drink and as I walk back into the living room there is woman stood there, I'm thinking I'm sure the new guest wasn't blonde.

She says hi, we spoke earlier, and suddenly I am thinking bugger have I double booked??????

But then I realise this is the person I had spoken to on the blog and telephone a few weeks ago, they are neighbours from Canada.

They are here on holiday and the electric in their house is not working, John goes to the rescue and pops down and sorts it out, the new guests arrive, as does a friend who we are going to have dinner with.

I am now going to enjoy my wine, this day has been far too long!


  1. Don't let the odd dodgy post get to you.
    I have had a few, one upset me so much I nearly dropped the blog completely
    Basically they criticised my writing style, said our "very small" hovel "could be sorted in five minutes" if we knew what we were doing", and that we were wishywashy (?!?) and overdramatic
    My son told me to rise above it and I did, it is the price we pay for having an internet profile
    Have a glass of wine and don't let the b******s grind you down!

    1. Thanks Gill and sorry for the delay in replying, some people I think are just down right jealous and it's a lot easier to criticise.

      we'll raise a glass to both of our successes :) xx