Friday, 10 January 2014

Renovation Project - The UK's best Chinese Buffet

Renovation Project - The UK's best Chinese Buffet

The Christmas holidays are at an end, it’s time to say goodbye, we spend the last night with my daughter and baby granddaughter, I give the baby her last bath and put her to bed. We sit and have our last Allen’s Fried Chicken and then it’s time to say goodbye. My daughter’s new house is not quite big enough for us to stay the night, but at least we were there to help her move in.

It is still so difficult to say goodbye, this bit never gets any easier.

We set off the following morning, we are going to spend the night in Bournemouth as we are catching the early morning ferry on the Poole to Cherbourg route, as we were planning to spend a few days in 

Normandy, but to be honest I have such a bad cold I really just want to crawl into bed.

We arrive at the Travelodge in Bornemouth where we are booked and find out that we have to pay cash for the parking, we do not have any cash on us, so we go for a walk to find the nearest cash machine. It would be much easier if you could’ve booked the parking on line with the hotel room, but you can’t.

We are all parked and decide to go out for some dinner, we ask at reception for any recommendations and they give us the name of a Chinese Buffet, we head down and Oh My God, we have never seen a buffet like this, the place is enormous!

The place is called Days and we definitely recommend a visit! 

The selection is beyond belief; I sit and eat my entry fee in sushi within the first 10 minutes! It really does not help that we are sat right next to the sushi bar, and I can watch the staff make the sushi right in front of me.
John finds the Tapenyaki bar, again you choose what food you want and that is then cooked to your preference (John actually found this bar a few times!).

We are in our element, this is not only a Chinese food buffet but full Asian buffet as I realise the selection of food goes all around the room (the room is about the size of a football pitch).

The bit that really takes my breath away is the sweet selection; this is bigger than most sweet shops!

We leave the place struggling to walk we are so full, is this the best Asian Buffet in the UK? We think so and have decided we will have to visit Bournemouth again just to eat here once more.

We also want to actually see some more of Bournemouth itself, as it does look like a really nice place.

We get up early ready for our ferry home and once more I am sat at a ferry port fighting with my emotions, I am so glad to be going home but am so sad at leaving my family behind, my little baby granddaughter is going to grow whilst I am not there and I am not going to see her for some months as we really need to get the French house finished.

See you all back in France!

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