Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Renovation Project - best mobile phone sim for Europe

Renovation Project - best mobile phone sim for Europe

After our busy day yesterday we have a day sorting out other issues, one of the biggest issues we have had since moving here is the mobile phone. We also travel a lot and had a fantastic package with Vodaphone, this gave us the option of ringing home and using our inclusive minutes, then they changed the package to a ‘much better deal’ which roughly translated meant that it was far too expensive to use. I came to an agreement last year when I lost my contract; it wasn’t a very nice agreement!

John has kept his as we wanted a phone for emergencies, we have broken down on the way to the airport and without the mobile phone, I dread to think what would’ve happened, and I still have nightmares of my daughter and the tiny baby being stranded.

Anyway, I digress, we have been looking for a good mobile that we don’t have to pay a fortune for every month to only use in an emergency and we have found one!

It is from Toggle mobile, via 0044, this phone gives us up to 9 European numbers which means that whatever country we are in we can have a local number, John was also able to transfer his Vodaphone mobile number over to this phone as well.

I feel so secure that we now both have a mobile that we can call each other on, but most importantly we have telephone numbers that our family and friends in the UK can call us on.

Our landline French telephone is amazing, you do not pay for telephone calls to landline numbers (almost anywhere in the world!) if you are from the UK you will realise how good this is, but it does not give free calls to mobile numbers.

This new mobile sim allows our friends and family to call us and they will only use their inclusive minutes, wherever we are in Europe (there is a worldwide option but we don’t really travel outside of Europe).
Setting it up was relatively easy and there is a helpline that actually has a person answering it!

We are really happy with the mobile sim and would recommend it to anybody that has family or friends in Europe, or are planning to travel to Europe.

Have a click on the 0044 advert at the top or bottom of this page and you will go through to the website, if you go through and buy, we do get a very small commission (they only cost £25 GBP, so it is a very small commission) but every little helps! And we would not recommend anything we have not used and are happy with, (we haven’t tried the world wide sim)

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  1. is this just a sim to put in your phone? thanks for your Christmas card

  2. Hi Roz sorry i missed your comment, yes it is just a sim, but you can keep your old number