Saturday, 26 November 2016

Renovation project - New floors

Renovation project - New floors
We have emptied the bedroom with the single beds and I spend a couple of days cleaning and sanding the floor before I give it a coat of varnish. The room looks good once it is done and the new colour is slightly darker than before, this makes the floor boards look older and covers the floorboards that were obvious where the walls have been changed.

The floors do not look very different on the photo's and this makes life harder, as normally I can look at the photos and see how far we have come. But in reality the floors are a deeper, more consistent colour.
But Peppa Pig seems happy enough with her new room, Every time I skype my grandaughter she insists on looking at Peppa in her bedroom, (this is the balloon that we managed to save from Spain, we really do only take the necessities when we move!). Now I realise why some people think we are slightly mad, we move countries only with what can fit in the car, and a deflated balloon was somehow on the essential list.
All we need now is the skirting boards, the boxing in of the pipes completing and another coat of paint and the windows repainting. This is what I meant by everytime I think we are getting there, the list of jobs seems never ending, but they will end.
There is no point in painting the rooms until we are ready to paint though completely, this will make life easier if we just start in one room and go through the house.

And we don’t want to do that whilst we are living in the house, so in a few days we will move into the little house so that the big house can be painted from top to bottom.

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