Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Renovation project - We have another bedroom

Renovation project - We have another bedroom

The bedroom walls have finally dried out and this means that John can finish the bedroom. He has had to build a new wall for the bathroom which took the L shape from the bedroom.

It has not made a big difference to the overall size of the room and it is still a good size double.

We have ordered two single beds to go in here, these were ordered from a German site on e-bay as beds are quite expensive in France.

Here is a photo story of the bedroom

the first photo of the room as it was
the painting starts
the bathroom is measured out
the ceiling is painted
the new door is started
the new doorways are in place
the bathroom wall goes up
the new window is installed
the walls are now dry
the plaster board joints are filled
The plaster is sanded ready for painting

The final touches are still required, such as skirting boards and the touch ups around the window and the floors will get another coat of stain and varnish.

But we are now ready for guests and of course the room has the same fantastic view as the other bedroom.

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