Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Renovation project - Shopping in Brest, Brittany

Renovation project - Shopping in Brest, Brittany 
The new beds that we ordered on line arrive for the spare room and I have the joy of putting them together as John continues trying to get downstairs ready.

The doors are added to the kitchen and it looks great, it is not finished by a long way, but it is completely usable.
During the day I receive a phone call from my brother, the ferries have been cancelled over Easter, as there is a large storm due. They can get to us, but will not be able to leave in time to return to work. So everything is in place but we now have no visitors.
I am not sure who is more gutted them, as they love this area of France or us as we were really looking forward to spending some time with the family.
But there is nothing we can do about it, we cannot control the weather. It is just so unfortunate that the weather is bad over the Easter break, as my brother and family had time off from work.
We are also a little bit stuck as we had done something we do not normally do we had ordered a load of cheap bedding from Tesco, which my brother was bringing over, now we won’t have it and we still have my daughter and granddaughter coming in a few days.
We are also stuck on what to do next, we had planned on not really working for a few days, but now we have time on our hands, we don't want to start any big jobs as we need the house to be clean and ready for my daughter to come.
We decide to take a day off and go out for some retail therapy in Brest, which is the largest city near us. There are plenty of shops and there is tram line that goes through the city, parking is relatively easy and there are plenty of car parks and on road parking, though all parking must be paid for.
Brest, Finistere, Brittany, France
There is a large IKEA there and we go to look for lights. IKEA always amazes me, as no matter what you go for you cannot leave without spending at least a couple of hundred Euros.
But we do have the lights for most of the rooms and lots of bits and pieces for the kitchen, we are knackered when we get home, neither of us are big shoppers and a day like today is actually more tiring than a day working on the house!

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